[image title=”Kat Johnston sketch: Yes, I know it’s rough… but he’s so cute and happy! And he has claws! Rawr!” size=”large” id=”1513″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston sketch: Yes, I know it’s rough… but he’s so cute and happy! And he has claws! Rawr!” linkto=”viewer” ]

Ok, so I know that this sketch is particularly rough – not that many of my other quickie sketches are particularly refined. I love him to bits though! Ok, so why did I draw him? Because he well and truly asked to be drawn.

You see, I have that funny thing where, when I am looking at something, it might turn out to be something entirely different from what I see. In this case, a little preview thumbnail for something was screaming out that it was this little boy (give or take… very roughly, mind you), when in fact, the full image was far more staid and boring and entirely not… well… this little boy!

Thus, I really had no choice. With his little head peeking out from that furry, fluffy suit, he cried out, “Draw me!” to which I promptly responded, “Nay, little Sir, for you are meant to be some silly, boring artifact, are you not?”

He shook his head with all the childish certainty that seemingly comes from being dressed (and joyfully so) in a dinosaur suit at the very grown-up age of around about five. “But you must draw me! I’m no silly clay figurine, with boring spiky hair and a dreary, dull pose. I’m me!”

I mused for a moment longer. I still wasn’t quite sure. “But, little one, don’t you wish to be what you are meant to be? In reality, you are not a little boy in a fluffy suit at all, but a blurry snatch of something else.”

He shrugged and laughed. “I am what I am,” said he, spreading his arms wide. “Does it matter if I am also something else? When you look at me, that something else is not what you see. All you see is me. Is this smaller truth any less relevant than the greater?” I was up against a very informed little imaginary boy indeed… and one with a wider vocabulary than I would have expected. And, I had to admit, he had a point.

“I’ll draw you,” said I. And so I did!