• Kat Johnston Sketch: I had to go to the doctor today... and you know what he said? Go get an MRI... then come back.
  • Today has been an especially long, long day. I won’t go into the gory details (not that they are all that gory), but suffice to say, when the day starts sometime around 2am with a hospital visit, it is sure to turn into a long day.

    As it so happens, I had to go to the doc today as well – the 2am trip was not for me. I’ve had a little problem with my knee for the past few months, and it has been utterly annoying, because I have to avoid putting pressure on it, bumping it, or otherwise disturbing my poor silly knee. After going to the GP and getting an ultrasound done, the verdict was fairly simple: go see another doctor. Today I finally go in to see the orthopedic specialist, and after about 5 minutes, he goes, ‘Go downstairs and book an MRI, then make another appointment to see me.’

    As happy as I am that I didn’t have to sit around all day, waiting for my appointment, it did seem fairly pointless to go in, have him prod my knee for a minute, and go, ‘eh, go get another scan.’ I mean, I understand if it is necessary, but I wish that someone else would have seen that it would have been necessary, so that I didn’t have to wait a month for this appointment, and then potentially have to wait another month (or longer, who knows…) for the next.

    With all that aside, however, this is what I was drawing while I was waiting for my appointment. Perhaps I was overdoing it just a little with the personal pity party of one, but it just happened to make me smile.