So, there isn’t a picture with this post. Uhhh, sorry about that! You see, I’m down in Sydney at the moment, because a gorgeous friend of mine just happened to have booked her ticket here for the wrong day. Thus, I stole it (not literally, she did offer), and flew on down to attend another friend’s birthday party that I would have otherwise missed. Fortune smiles on me.

Just in case you were wondering, there is a reason why I haven’t posted in the past couple of days. I just started doing a little work as a Development Coordinator, so I was doing that on Tuesday and Wednesday. When I got home after those days, I just collapsed into bed and fell asleep, after grabbing whatever I could out of the fridge for a quick and probably unhealthy meal. It is a great office to work in, but still tiring!

So I did intend to throw up a picture yesterday. However that is when I got the call from my friend, to say, “Hey Kat! Uhhh… did you want to go to Sydney in four hours?” How can I say no to that? So for now, I am in Sydney, and there is a scanner close-by, though I’m not sure that it is plugged in… in either case, I’m not sure that I will be posting something of actual significance until Monday, which is when I get back to my wonderful hometown… where the drive from the airport to my final destination will thankfully not be over 2 hours long as it has been here in Sydney.

Anyhow… that’s all for now. Much fun, debauchery and awesomeness shall be had this weekend, and I will update you all when I can!