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Sketch: The bonus picture, a little late.

So it is just going to be a short post tonight… I’m in a bit of a short post mood. This is Yuki, and Yuki is incredibly and adorably cute, if you ask me.

That is all.

Sketch: A tiny little note to say… I love you!

So, this is a teensie tiny little note, about the size of a five cent coin (a bit larger than a penny, for our American counterparts). I know it isn’t much, but I felt like doing something unbearably cute with my ratties again, since I haven’t drawn a rat for a while!

I dedicate this […]

Sketch: A hand-written tweet.

So a person I follow on Twitter (@StraightEdge_, in case you were wondering) sent out a question: What to do to celebrate his 1000th tweet. I made a suggestion – do some ‘real life’ tweeting. In other words, do a drive-by to a few people’s places (hopefully your friends, who are also on twitter) […]

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Sketch: The cutest little dino I saw (see what I did there? Teehee!).

Here we go… a dino! What made me draw a dinosaur, you ask? Oh what a wonderful question, says I! Actually, I was just waiting for my lunch to go ‘ding!’ in the microwave, and something caught my eye. How better to pass the time than to do a little impromtu sculpting in the […]

Sketch: Busy, busy, busy… some more!

So it has been an incredibly busy few weeks… it really has. There’s been a couple of emergency room visits (don’t worry, everyone is fine now), and a whole lot of other work for this and that. To top it off, today is my hubby’s and my wedding anniversary – three whole years of […]