• Kat Johnston: always busy... always busy... it has been a very filled few weeks!
  • So it has been an incredibly busy few weeks… it really has. There’s been a couple of emergency room visits (don’t worry, everyone is fine now), and a whole lot of other work for this and that. To top it off, today is my hubby’s and my wedding anniversary – three whole years of wedded bliss!

    I thought I had best try and stop this post drought… I hadn’t posted in a little while, and despite the almost hectic nature of things at the moment, I thought that I really should start getting back into my blogging again. I have been sketching, though I must admit that it is drips and drabs rather than epic masterpieces.

    Annnnyhow… I’m back, and I will be making an effort to post again regularly from this day onwards. At least until it gets too busy for me to look at a computer, let alone sit down and type.

    So that is all for today – please tune in tomorrow for another episode of *dun Dun DUNNNN!!!* Kat’s Blog of Doooooooom. I think I might actually rename the site that for a few days… hmm. Photoshop, here I come.