• Kat Johnston Sketch: Isn't he adorable? He's a dino! Well, I think he is... he was made out of alfoil.
  • Here we go… a dino! What made me draw a dinosaur, you ask? Oh what a wonderful question, says I! Actually, I was just waiting for my lunch to go ‘ding!’ in the microwave, and something caught my eye. How better to pass the time than to do a little impromtu sculpting in the alfoil just sitting there all neat and tidy in its roll. So I did.

    It wasn’t exactly the most accomplished alfoil sculpting – after all, how much can you do in a minute with a 30cm by 30cm square of alfoil? Actually, don’t answer that one… I’m sure there are some ultra-talented people out there who would consider that a most fantastic sort of challenge. Me though, I generally stick with the drawing, and the painting when I can poke my nose into my studio.

    So once my little knobbley lump of alfoil had been so carefully completed and the microwave had finished proclaiming its ability to affectively heat pasta, the piece of alfoil was tossed away… but I couldn’t let it end there. That dinosaur was nice enough to form itself out of the alfoil, the least I could do was let it live on in a way that would do it a touch of justice. Thus, I drew him down, and that is the result that you see before you today.

    Oh… and the pasta was super-tasty too!