Then you may well be the employer I just sent an application to, regarding a social media content writer position. If you’re not, then hello again, my lovely readers!

I’ve been absent from updating this site, and for that matter, many of the areas of my online presence for some weeks. Lets just say that amid moving lounge-rooms, having a scanner that isn’t currently hooked into my computer, and just finishing up work at the most exciting and engaging literature festival in Queensland has been taking quite a toll on my time. This is going to be a text only post, since my scanner is, alas, still out of commission.

As it has been a while since I mused specifically about this site, I think it may be time to take stock of its purpose and reason… to sit back for a moment and think about what it has achieved since I took the step from ‘once in a while’ updates on a default WordPress blog to full on social media saturation; which has since tapered back into a more reserved (and I must admit, less time consuming) past-time.

I started this blog with one purpose in mind: to encourage the ongoing production of artistic creation, whether it be the tiniest sketch or the most detailed artwork. I was in a slump – a bit of a prod really couldn’t hurt. What was created on a whim blossomed into so much more. I took control of my online presence, propelling it forward and connecting across a variety of social media – interacting on other blogs, on Facebook and Twitter, Flickr and other sites. Although the focus of this blog has always been, and will always have the primary purpose of helping me continue producing a little bit of creativity every day, it also gives insight into the quirky, sometimes wordy, quite whimsical personality that is Kat Johnston. My blog, my status updates, even my Second Life presence… it all tells a story, and it is one I am happy to tell. As to what this blog and my presence across other social media platforms has achieved: I have been approached for commissioned artwork, connected with professionals in my fields of interest, and even delved into post-graduate study of social media as the basis of marketing and branding strategies. It’s been quite a leap on what was originally intended, on that little blog so long ago… and I wouldn’t change a thing.

To the potential employers: I encourage you to read through this blog, and have a look through my other social media profiles. Although the content produced is primarily for a personal, reflective purpose, I understand full well the importance it has on my professional presence also. I do hope that you find the perfect person for the position, but I have to admit – I also hope it’s me!