• Sanu Stuff: It's a Christmas succubus! Isn't she pretty?
  • It has been a while since I’ve posted to this blog… what can I say? I’ve been busy! Buuuut, I really should get into the habit of posting again. Since my printer/scanner is not currently up and running though, I am restricted to what I have on hand. What do I have on hand, you say? Why, I have images from my Second Life stuff!

    Here is one of my most recent creations… well, part of it, anyway. I have done a range of succubi outfits, and this is a special little something just for Christmas! Sanu products in this image include the eyes, ears, horns, wings, choker and candy-cane, all of which can be purchased in-world along with a whole heap of other pieces to the set. Isn’t it wonderful when creativity strikes?