• Kat Johnston Sketch: What happens when a zombie rat is bitten by a non-zombie owl? Why, it turns into a zombie owl, of course!
  • Want to understand where this has come from? Read yesterday’s post. I may or may not have been musing about the existence of zombie-rats as the result of scientific testing as a precursor to the regular zombie apocalypse, colloquially known as ‘Zompocalypse’.

    Let’s try to follow my logic for a sec: Rats turn into zombies because of weird and wacky mad scientists trying to create the next great bio-weapon and testing said bio-weapon on rats. Zombie-rats escape the lab (hey, if the Rats of Nymph can do it, super-smart zombie-rats can too) and bite everything in sight… thus turning humans (and other creatures) into zombies too.

    These zombie-rats aren’t the slow-moving, arms-outstretched, brain-dead zombies of yore… These zombie-rats are smart. They’re so darn smart, they understand the concept of sweet sweet revenge. And they’re willing to act on it.

    So, what enjoys swooping on rats, scooping them up, and supping on their still-warm innards after pecking them to death? Owls. It is only natural that these new super-smart zombie-rats would plot to overcome the vicious owls who have plagued them so long.  Zombie-rats swarm the not-zombie-owls, biting em all over, and thus making zombie-owls (perhaps even mind-controlled zombie-owl minions). The great chain of life (or death, as it were) is complete… or… something like that, anyway.

    Ok, I realize that it’s a little out there, but I really did want an excuse to draw a zombie owl. That, and I am incredibly surprised at the significant lack of zombie animals in these movies… the best I think I’ve seen is a few rabid dogs. I realize that human afflictions often don’t translate into the animal world and visa versa, but surely a few do, right? Zombie-ism should be one!

    Anyhow… that is all for today. Viva-la-zombies!