• Kat Johnston Drawing: A little dragon sketch - isn't he cute? Ok... so he might be just a scribble-dragon... but I think he is cute!
  • I was doing a little scribbling last night in a sketch book (oh my god! I’m sketching in an actual sketch book!), and this little fella popped out. I was sketching dragons… you know… just coz? Ok, I might have had an ulterior motive. I need to make a birthday card later today because I am too lazy to go out and buy one for someone. I mean, it is really kinda rude to show up to a birthday party without even a card, or so I am told! It won’t be overly fancy, but it should do the job.

    So, later on, I think I’ll get to sketching the actual card. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do for it – it has to have at least a dragon. Possibly a dragon rolling a D20, swilling a good glass of red while being attacked by a ninja reading a fantasy novel. Well, perhaps not… but it would be a good way to combine a heap of things she loves into one awesome image!

    My apologies… my writing may not be fantastic today. I am writing this blog post while listening to the commentary for ‘Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog‘, which admittedly is really as good as the movie itself. So I’m a little distracted. But don’t worry – I’m sure that my posting will be up to its usual fantastic (ha!) standard again soon. When I am not listening to musicals and grooving along instead of paying attention as I should.