[image title=”Kat Johnston Body Art: I’m feeling a little koi today with this sharpie marker tattoo!” size=”large” id=”1586″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Body Art: I’m feeling a little koi today with this sharpie marker tattoo!” linkto=”viewer” ]

Last night I had someone over wanting an image of a koi, and this is what I came up with! I’m rather happy with the overall result. It would have been somewhat better if my fine black pen didn’t keep conking out on me every 2 seconds as I approached the end of the drawing (which is what accounts for some of the the shoddy outlining on the waters), but still, it isn’t all that bad. I think I might have to introduce a round of something to clear the skin of any residual oiliness before beginning my work next time, for any larger images.

Some days I wish that sharpies worked a bit more like other media – paint, pencils… even biros. The inability to build up some shading did result in the fish looking as if it is simply ‘sitting’ on top of the water – well… that and my distraction here and there. I did have some tendrils of water snaking across the body, but they kinda got drowned out because I lost my lines when I was going over the top with the darker shades and outlining. But no matter! I shall remember that more for next time.

The other thing I would love to have is a blending base. At the moment, I have about three shades which work well as a blending base, but all three are in the warmer area of the spectrum. I’m not sure what anyone else would call them, but I am referring to the colours which blend well into the skin while also having the ability to ‘pick up’ the other colours and apply them evenly, with an effective gradient from a strong colour into almost-skin shade. Anyhow, it is something for me to look into. I’ll see what I can find!