• Kat Johnston Second Life (Sanu): Give Peas a Chance. War - what is it good for? Absolutely nothing (say it again!)
  • One of the thing I think I love most about Second Life is the ability to have an absolutely random conversation with a friend, and then turn that conversation into the inspiration for a whole range of products. I always have a backlog of things I would love to make, but it is often these random conversations that kick all other ideas aside for a while!

    People often ask me how I get the inspiration to make so many things… I have to say, random conversations often account for some of these items. It truly is amazing what you can come up with while just talking fun and trying to make each other laugh.

    Anyhow, that is how I came up with this little item today. Radio, a friend of mine, sent out a gift to her group – a paper plane which sticks in your hair, with a cute little set of peas in the pod on the wing. I asked her why she was attacking me with paper planes, she replied, and with a little more back and forth, a full-out pea war had been declared. Needless to say, Sanu will undoubtedly be flooded with pea and peapod related items over the coming days… I’ve already planted this particular peapod behind enemy lines, bearing the words ‘Give Peas a Chance’, simply because I find it oh so difficult to avoid using corny puns when given the opportunity.

    Anyhow… that is all for today. Perhaps not as impressive a post as the last one with the koi, but it took all morning to get those peapod and pea textures just perfect!