• Chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache - seriously... is there anything more delicious than cuppies with ganche?
  • Not a sketch. Not a digital image, something Sanu related, or even Second Life related. It isn’t really anything that can be considered art at all… But is it tasty? Hell yes it is!

    One of the things that I make a lot of in Second Life is cupcakes. Tasty, delicious, virtual cupcakes with all the visual perfection that comes of not actually picking up a piping bag to decorate, and without the temptation to lick your fingers clean of the extra buttercream.

    That said… they’re not quite as tasty – calorie-free or not.

    When my hubby decided that he simply must have a giant batch of home-made cupcakes to take into work, I leaped at the opportunity to make two dozen cupcakes, ganache, buttercream, and a right royal mess of the kitchen that somebody else would have to tidy up. Ok… that, and I was already watering at the mouth after looking at so many geeky goodies (and lately, many macaroons) over at Not So Humble Pie, one of my favourite cooking blogs. When the cakes were finished, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos, either!

  • Kat Johnston Cooking - Carrot cupcake with lemon buttercream and a chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate ganache. Super tasty, and hard to keep around with thieving fingers close by!
  • Two batches were made – carrot cupcakes with a lemon buttercream and chocolate cuppies with a delicious dark chocolate ganache which simply melted on the tongue. Honestly, it was hard to resist just grabbing out a spoon and partaking of that delicious bowl of blended chocolate and cream myself, leaving little or none for the cakes… self-control was tantamount. So was the ability to fend off sisters and a very curious husband looking over my shoulder going, “Can I have some yet? Can I have some yet?”

    Anyhow, that is it for today. Cupcakes: Real life style!