• Kat Johnston as Sanu: Crayons! You shouldn't stick them up your nose, and any drawing is given a 20% bonus cute factor just by using them. In short... they're awesome.
  • Crayons… they’re cute, they’re quirky, and any drawing is instantly made a trillion times cuter and comes with added whimsy when drawn with the humble crayon. These are no ordinary crayons though… when someone gives one a click, it gives them an especially cute hand-drawn picture! Awww… can anyone say adorable? There’s twelve colours to collect!

    To name them, I jumped into my Sanu system group (which is made of much awesome and win when I need some ideas, by the way) and asked them for some suggestions! Soooo, all of the names have been offered by my very own groupies.

    Don’t you love the names of crayons? I had to look up some of the current crayon colour names (just because they’re so awesome), and you’ve just got to love the imagination-evoking titles that are given… like ‘Razzle Dazzle Rose’, ‘Mountain Meadow’ or ‘Tumbleweed’. But of course, not everyone wants those cookie-cutter politically correct PG rated names, do they? Of course not. Rejected crayon colour names are so enticing that someone’s even formed a Facebook group to celebrate how awesome they are.

    Anyhow, all this talk about crayons makes me seriously want to go out and buy a set right now… and if it weren’t after 6pm on a Saturday night, I think I would actually do so. I might have to wait for Monday! Is anyone interested in seeing me scribble with some crayons?