• Kat Johnston Sketch: All masked up... but where to go? I'm not sure that a masquerade ball is an every-day occurance.
  • Phew! It has been a rather long day, really… running around, buying obscure Japanese and other Asian candy, finding melon mochi, and getting scolded for (yet again) buying something where the package doesn’t explicitly state what I’ll find inside (it had grapes on the packaging, somewhere… surely whatever is inside is somewhat grape flavoured, one would hope). The hubby has come up with this silly rule that I’m not meant to buy something when I don’t actually know what it is.

    I, for one, think it makes life interesting.

    Ok, so you might end up throwing away bits and pieces. Basil Seed Drink, for example, is not for everyone (it said on the package what it was, so I was allowed to get it… I still haven’t gotten up the courage to try it though). Isn’t that the point though? You try something… you see how it is… and even if you throw it away, you’re that much more experienced because of it.

    At the very least, you have a great story to tell somebody in how absolutely weird and not-so-wonderful this random food item was. Worth the investment? Provided you’re not blowing a fortune on food whose packages can only be interpreted in another language… I think so.

  • Sanu in Second Life: As if a summer skybox wasn't enough... here's one to celebrate Spring. It even comes with flowers, because we all know that flowers are fun!
  • And now for the Sanu update! I thought that there was really no point in doing two separate posts, so I’m rolling them both into one today.

    This is my latest skybox – a Spring themed piece designed to match nicely to the Summer Daydreams Skybox I released a while back. You know that I’m going to have to do Autumn and Winter now that I’ve done both a Spring and a Summer – it just makes sense! That may have to wait for another day though.

    That’s all for today!