• Kat Johnston Sketch: A lucky kitty catfish... super kawaii!
  • Today’s picture was a request! I was toying around with things in Second Life when I decided that I should ask a group I frequent what I should draw today, since I had no preconceived ideas… the response?



    “draw a koi with big eyes and a school girl skirt!”

    “Nuuu it needs to be a cutesy koi… Like one that you’d catch at your store.”

    Soooo, I came up with this little fish.

    The group I was chatting in is called the Lucky Kitty Crew – a group (and associated blog) that called out Midnight Mania boards, Lucky Chair letters, notifies of freebies and so forth. Beyond that, however, it is also just a great place to hang out and have a chat, get some inspiration and generally chill. Therefore… I drew a lucky kitty catfish!

    I hope you enjoy it, kitties!