[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch: A proud and tragic clown, looking down with an imperial air.” size=”large” id=”1640″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Sketch: A proud and tragic clown, looking down with an imperial air.” linkto=”viewer” ]

The last couple of images I’ve uploaded have been rather… um… sketchy! So time for something a touch more precise.

I tend to go through different moods – fairly unscribbled here, lots of scribbles there… since I don’t tend to ‘pre-sketch’ for these sketches (ie, do something erasable underneath first before going over the top in pen) scribbles sort of lend themselves to the medium. Even in slightly more ‘precise’ work I tend to work over an area with short, sharp strokes rather than long and flowing ones.

I know this isn’t a way I always used to sketch. I’m fairly sure that I used to favour more long, sweeping strokes – one stroke to create a line from start to finish. Perhaps it is the tendency of biros to cut out part way through whatever you’re doing (something which is tragically a major annoyance with cheaper brands or pens you have used faithfully for the extent of their life) or the gradual build-up of a line achieved when using a short-stroke style that has caused me to prefer one style of sketching over the other.

Whatever the reason… It works for me!

Now for something I’m going to try and do more often: linking to other brilliant artists whose work I admire and adore.

Artist Feature: Radio Signals.

I had the pleasure of first ‘meeting’ Miss Radio Signals when the sim my mainstore was located on in Second Life was no longer suitable. One of my customers told her about me, we met up, had a chat, worked out a few things and BAM! Just like that I had found a new home. I’ve never looked back!

Her store, called Scribble, presents a blend of beautiful products, but beyond her work in Second Life, she is also a talented pop-surreal artist with a great knack for the digital medium. With delicate tones and a style which is all at once both precise and seemingly organic, it is simply stunning. Yeah… I’m a total fan-girl!

Here’s a couple of my favourites, which can be found for purchase at her Etsy store:Actaeon and Eulogy, though of course more can be found at her website, including wonderful progress shots and a look into the process behind the artworks.