• Kat Johnston Art: A tiny rat companion sits inside a keyhole within the chest of a most delicate dame.
  • Ahhhh, more of the same… can you tell that I am enjoying this? They’re beautiful, delicate, distinguished and ever so intriguing, don’t you think?

    So anyhow… I’ve finally gotten around to sorting out my things on Flickr so that all of my blog drawings (if not all of the blog photos, for certain reasons) are up. I’ve sorted them out, and there’s even a special category for the creative commons licensed photos so that you can just click on that to get them all at once, rather than having to find them one at a time scattered across the different sets.

    All thrown in together, it all seems rather random: sketches here, cooking there, some pictures of dandelions and other such things. Hopefully the collections and sets will help it seem a touch more structured!

    So yes… check out my Flickr page and explore the sets to see what you can see!