• Kat Johnston Cartoon: We interrupt your regular programming for a special announcement today. Blackberries can assist in the war against terror... the terror known as zombies.
  • Ahem.

    This picture is most definitely not based on anyone real. Any resemblance is entirely coincidental, and of course, have no basis in fact. I know no-one with a red beard who works in IT, who is often carting around a blackberry and forming plans on how to kill a horde of zombies should the situation necessitate that zombie-killing (en-masse, mind you) may be required.

    No-one at all.

    So, now that that is out of the way, meet Jimminy! With his trusty screwdriver (good for fixing things and for stabbing), long-life Blackberry (it has Google Maps!) and well thought out plans of how to survive come the Zompocolypse, he’ll be the one to follow when the zombie horde appears because some screw-ball scientist decides to go one step too far and inadvertently invents the living dead.

    Jimminy has lived his recent life with constant nightmares of the impending Zompocolypse… he has fortold its coming, with visions of a mad scientist populating the world with zombies only to attempt to flee on a skateboard to their own certain and inevitable demise. Only his great forward planning, blackberry and collection of custom-built zombie pulverizing weapons stand between life… and living DEATH.

    Will Jimminy defeat the legions of the undead?

    Will his Blackberry prove useful when the Google servers explode, leaving behind a charred mass of twisted metal and zombie-geek remains?

    Will this b-grade storyline turn into a romance at the last second as he finds true love in the arms of a decaying and rotting (though oddly attractive) corpse?

    Only time will tell… on… ZOMBIE ANNIHILATOR: The Jimminy Jonestown Story (coming 2012).