• Kat Johnston Cartoon - Ellen Starry... she's hip, she's happenin', she loves hello kitty and blowing the stuffing out of naughty ole zombies.
  • Let me introduce you to the next in this cast of characters: Ellen Starry!

    She’s an awesome gal with a fondness for anything pink, pretty and covered in Hello Kitty. If you can toss in a geeky reference, so much the better!

    Don’t let the peppy facade fool you though – she’s quite happy to deliver a knock-out punch with a smile from ear to ear if you cross her, then skip off to do an x-ray or ultrasound of whatever poor sap just happens to find themselves on her examination table. Yeah, you heard it right – not only is she deadly, she also knows how to operate machinery that can kill you with radiation.

    When the Zompocalypse comes, you can be sure that she won’t hesitate in trekking over vast stretches of zombie-infested land to get to Jimminy and Brittoni… after all, popping off zombies with a pretty pink gun is far more fun when you can do it with friends! So long as they all hole up in a place well stocked with booze, snacks, guns and girlie-mags, she’ll be quite satisfied.

    After all, Zompocalypse is just like a real life first person shoot-em-up, right? She’s spent enough hours in front of a PS3, Wii, DS or computer screen to know how to win at those… and unlock all the hidden easter eggs. Just so long as the zombies aren’t actually the death-spawn of Hello Kitties, there’s hope for us all with her around.

    Oh yeah… and she curses like a sailor. Just sayin’. She censors herself sometimes, but everyone slips up now and then.