[image title=”Kat Johnston Cartoon: The next player in our little zombie game… Brittoni Hittaker.” size=”large” id=”1659″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Cartoon: The next player in our little zombie game… Brittoni Hittaker.” linkto=”viewer” ]

Part two… because it was so requested by someone!

The next player in our little zombie adventure: Brittoni Hittaker. Plucky zombie-fighting companion to Jimminy Jonestown, she’s a lawyer by day and a hip-hop enthusiast by… well… all the time. She just can’t play it in court unless she finds a way to sneak it in as evidence.

When Zompocalypse strikes, Jimminy is the first person she’ll seek out… especially since he works right next door. Forget the blackberry though – that’s not gonna do squat against the zombie horde. She’ll make a move straight to the nearest liquor store to set up a base of command.

Hey, if you’re facing fairly inevitable demise, you might as well go down happy and just a little bit tipsy. Rather a bit tipsy. Ok, ok, let’s be honest here – blindingly drunk with a grenade in one hand, a wine bottle in the other, caches of artillery strewn within easy reach and Monty Python blaring on the nearest big-screen tv.

And hey – if you get holed up in there too long, at least you have something to drink.

Jimminy and Brittoni make a good team too – mutually derisive, neither of them are hesitant about bringing the other down a few notches when necessity dictates they should… and even when it doesn’t. There’s no pulling of punches between those two.

Never fear that there will be a budding romance between them though – even the end of the world doesn’t make that a good idea. Just think of all the mutually destructive vodka-swilling they would get up to!