• Kat Johnston Cartoon: Oarsome the pirate cat is here on the scene! You think your cat is tough? This dude can take em. Can take em with one eye and a peg-leg to boot.
  • Ok, so this picture isn’t strictly for Zombie Annihilation: A Jimminy Jonestown Story… or whatever it should happen to be named… Even if he would be a fantastic addition to the cast. But just in case he should make an appearance… here’s the scoop.

    Oarsome is the picture-perfect definition of tough. He lost his eye in the first wave of Zompocalypse to an enterprising although very deceased rat. As I have always stated, the first to fall to zombieism will be the rats. Let’s face it – scientists don’t move immediately to human testing for stuff now, do they? Oh no. I think not.

    They test things out on rats.

    That’s right… first the rats – then the humans. Rats carried the plague around on their backs, they can damn-well carry zombieism to the masses as well.

    Oarsome has developed some sort of immunity through, it seems. Perhaps it is the dozens of little scratches he gained while battling with the legions of undead sewer rats… or the fact that he was willing to lose an eye rather than have one of them make it to his brains for a tasty rodent meal. Hell, for all he (or anyone else) knows, all cats might be immune to it – infections don’t necessarily spread across species.

    No-one has really looked into it to find out. Who has time when you’re trying to dodge and weave through an urban battleground littered with corpses… some of which are chasing after you?

    Anyhow, onto the real story.

    It just so happens that a friend picked up a gorgeous little fellow called Orson from the Animal Welfare League, a wonderful animal rehoming shelter with an amazing dedication to ensuring that the right animal goes home with the right person.

    It was love at first sight. She popped into the pen to see if he was the right cat for her, made a direct bee-line towards him – he greeted her with a rather hearty, ‘Meow!’ and started purring soon after. What a pair they will make together!