• Kat Johnston Cartoon: She's a very special lolcat indeed! Lolita is cute, cuddley, and very demanding of many treaties!
  • The second of the kitties – this time it is Lolita (or Lolli, for short). I’ve drawn her with little fangs because… well… this cat is mischief personified. Not wicked, or evil, or nasty or anything – just prone to getting up to as much trouble as possible!

    Ducking and weaving between people’s feet, trying to scramble up to the highest place in a room or attempting to steal a morsel of food from your very plate when you’re looking the other way, you have to admit that Lolli is either incredibly brazen or just too silly to realize how much she’s pushing her luck!

    Despite the fact that she is most definitely a creature of chaos, she’s also one of the most affectionate, snuggley little kittens you’re ever likely to meet. Always ready to jump up into someone’s lap, lay on their stomach or beg for attention, she’s as kind-hearted and as they come. While somewhat reckless at times, it all exists as part of her wonderful charm.