• Kat Johnston Cartoon - Penny is a cat who knows where it is at... and 'it' is generally snuggles and 'where it's at' is generally in bed with the blankets!
  • Phew! Three for three. The first two have already undergone a couple of changes so that they are consistent across them all… and they’re all still really in somewhat of a ‘first draft’ mode. They’re still a ways away from what is required for my super-secret project, but they’re a good base to start from, certainly.

    For those of you who have actually seen the original inspirations for these three felines, please remember that they are greatly simplified! I know that I’m missing the tabby markings on Penny’s face, that Lolita lacks a tinge of the ginge, and Orson has a few extra markings of his own. I may make them slightly more realistic, but I have a feeling that simple and clean is going to be best.

    So, let me tell you about Penny, or Pen-pen, as she is also known!

    Penny isn’t what one would call a ‘social’ cat. She really only likes a few people, and even then it is sometimes begrudgingly. However, for those she considers a friend, she is the snuggliest cat around!

    This little kitty can hardly ever wait until bed-time, so that she can race upstairs and bounce onto the bed for an evening huggle. The moment you stand up after a certain time, she’ll race up the stairs for you, as if to say ‘Ok, it is past our bed-time, time to go, time to go!’

    Her meow is hardly a meow at all, but more of a cooing – she sounds like a pigeon! And when she’s satisfied, you can be sure to hear a hearty purr.