• Sanu in Second Life: Tasty, delicious, yummy peapods! I absolutely love fresh peas, don't you?
  • It’s a day for a Sanu update, because I’ve been neglect in anything on this blog for a couple of weeks due to my tonsillitis and flu. Urgh… being sick just sucks.

    First up, as you can see above, are some yummy little peapods!

  • Sanu in Second Life: Nothing screams summer fun like some cute flats in pastel shades, don't you think?
  • Next up… some fun summer flats. It is actually winter here in Australia, but in the states everything is sun and sand at the height of Summer! Therefore, I just had to do some summery releases.

  • Sanu in Second Life: Who can stop at just one pair of flats? Are you rediculous? Here's some more, with flowers!
  • Annnnd I couldn’t just stop at one style.

  • Sanu in Second Life: Actually... I couldn't even stop at two styles of these cute, summery shoes. They're just so cute and fun!
  • I couldn’t even stop at two. I mean, who can say no to cute summer footwear? A girl can never have enough shoes in Second Life.

  • Sanu in Second Life: A second series of tiny butterflies... because you can never have too many butterflies at stunningly small proportions!
  • Moving on, I had to do up a second series of tiny butterflies. Fun colours, a variety of attachment points, and just as cute as can be, the second series are a great addition to the first. Each series comes with fifteen butterflies, so there are now thirty that can be collected!

  • Sanu in Second Life: And for the final Sanu update today: Tiny dragonflies. I felt I just had to extend my tiny insects range!
  • For the final Sanu product update for today: tiny dragonflies. I think I want to go through and do up a whole range of tiny insects. I know a lot of people think that they are gross, but at the very least, butterflies and dragonflies are a sure favourite with a variety of people. I’m thinking that ladybugs might be next, or even (although I realize they are not insects) snails. I’ll just have to see how I am inspired when the time comes!

    That’s all for the Sanu update today – some of these items are not yet at the mainstore, but are at Summer Bazaar. They’ll all be appearing at the mainstore within a couple of days, however.