• Kat Johnston Art: There are a lot of adorable things in this world. It just so happens that cute little chicks are one of those things.
  • I had to sketch some chicks for a little design I was working on, and this was one of the ones that I didn’t actually go ahead and use.

    Can you believe it? He’s so darn cute even I can’t believe that I didn’t use this one… but hey, I’m sure I can come up with something for him later. I might post the design I did actually come up with at another time, but for now I am still putting final touches on it. It’s a picture inspired by one of my darling husband’s recent (and not so recent, really) catchphrases.

    I think the reason I didn’t actually use this little guy is because one of the others was significantly more chirpy (pun intended). This little chick seems somewhat more… hmmm… sad, I guess. Either way, I still love him to bits!