• Kat Johnston Photography: A photograph of plump, juicy strawberries, with one dipped in home-made white chocolate ganache.
  • Let’s start with a nice little photo I took last night! I really need to get a better camera, better lighting and some reflectors if I plan on doing this all that often – but I still think they turned out pretty great. For a post-baking snack I had some plump, juicy strawberries dipped in some left-over white chocolate ganache which I had made up to top some very tasty cupcakes.

    If you’d like a recipe for the ganache, I’ve posted one with this picture on flickr. Ganache is really rather simple to make, is very versatile and tends to impress, too! You can also find the rest of the strawberry pictures there in the set ‘sweet treats’!

  • Sanu in Second Life: A peapod lounge, bringing together the awesomeness that is peas and lounging!
  • And here’s the Sanu update for today. There’s actually three colours of the peapod lounges available – all nice, fresh shades of green. This lounge has been in the works for a little while, actually – they were built soon after the yummy peapods were made. I just had to wait a little while to get the perfect system for adding the animations.

    Rather than having to rely on pose-balls, these lounges use low-lag scripts which have a menu, allowing anyone who sits on it to adjust their position perfectly using movements in all directions and rotation where needed. That means that it can fit almost any avatar every time! Certainly an improvement on needing to have the owner around to adjust it for you if needed, don’t you think?