Oh. My. God. I sent a tweet into the Old Spice Guy (real name Isaiah Mustafa) in the hopes of possibly getting a personalized response in what has to be the most successful commercial viral marketing campaign I have ever seen. Annnnd I got a response!

As much as I wish I could say that this has turned me onto Old Spice, I do have to admit that I was already an Old Spice girl far before the new Old Spice adverts (and these incredibly awesome personalized responses) came out. My husband wore Old Spice back when I met him, and I won’t actually let him change his scent. I love it to bits. He now claims that the Old Spice Guy is based on him! I’m not sure I’m fully convinced. Are you, Old Spice Guy?

Back on subject though, I’ll state again that this has to be one of the best examples ever (that I have seen) of commercial viral marketing gone right. The short video responses are not only packed with humor making you want to watch each and every one of them, but they really promote sharing. Just like Professor Farnsworth, you can just hear his voice in your head when you see the line of text he is likely going to read in the response. With such a brilliant and iconic character, it is no surprise that Old Spice is onto a winner. You can see more of these great response videos (and the original commercials) at Old Spice’s Youtube Channel.

Thank you Old Spice Guy. You have made my day.

Monocle Smile!