[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch: My heart belongs to Old Spice Guy.” size=”large” id=”1729″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston Sketch: My heart belongs to Old Spice Guy.” linkto=”viewer” ]

Ok, I’ll admit it… I still think that it is beyond awesome that my tweet got picked to get a personalized response by the Old Spice Guy on youtube. From the surely thousands of questions that would have been propelled towards the Old Spice team, it feels really great to be one of the ordinary people who got a personal reply. This was my tweet:

“@OldSpice If Old Spice was originally for the ladies (as Wiki states), are you certain these new scents are quite manly enough?”

I was informed that Old Spice was originally for the ladies (this is the wiki article I was referring to), but its many very manly side-effects made it more suitable for the menfolk. He even did air-quotes around the ‘as Wiki states’ bit!

That video has now racked up over 76,000 views. How awesome is that?

Annnnnyhow, onto other things!

For those of you who would have picked up the Hootie Set last weekend at Sanu in Second Life, you might recognize the picture today! It is a similar blue heart, and a bit of a sneak peek at a new little product which will be out soon. I’ve been so flat-out with things lately that I haven’t had time to finish them up yet though, so it might take a few days before they’re out. Right this second I am so flat out with real life thingies and the Blur exhibition in Second Life that I just haven’t had time to finalize them yet. Doh!

That’s all for now, in any case. The Blur exhibition opens up tomorrow, and once I am finished with everything for that, I will be sure to post pictures of my contributions. I’m really exciting to be taking part in it!