[image title=”Kat Johnston: Little Chester is an excited little owl!” size=”large” id=”1752″ align=”center” alt=”Kat Johnston: Little Chester is an excited little owl!” linkto=”viewer” ]

Surprisingly enough, ‘sketches for owls’ is one of the most popular search-terms people use to lead them to this site. Considering that I have not done a sketch of an owl in quite a while for here, something a little more current in the owl category certainly could not go astray, right?

Thus, I bring you Chester. Chester is an owl. He is also very excited.

I’m honestly not all that sure about what it is that Chester appears so excited about, but I am sure it is something good!

Oh wait… I think I know what it is after all… you see, I’ve decided that after having the site as it is for a year, it is time that I started giving it the attention it deserves and do a redesign of it. So, uh, yeah… keep tuned! Sorry this is just a short post today, but I have to get to work. Phew.