[image title=”Sanu in Second Life: Chibi-heart pets… give someone your heart in SL with these adorable little pets – they fly around you, blink, and you can name them too!” size=”large” id=”2128″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

It was so hard waiting off on releasing these until the weekend. They totally made me laugh with barely contained glee when they were all done and finished. Here’s why:

It almost feels like something has been made whole – a cycle has somehow been completed and come back to the start again. Funny that I should say something so monumental about cute little hearts that people can gift to each other, but it is true!

You see, as a child, I used to draw. I drew a lot. And one of the things that I drew a lot of, was love-heart people. They weren’t all that complicated really – their main shape was a heart, and they had eyes, a mouth and a pair of legs. They were sometimes pudgy, sometimes skinny; sometimes they were smiling and sometimes they wore expressions of anger. It all came down to who the heart was, what their personality was like and how they interacted with the other heart people. Occasionally they had arms, but not often… eyes, mouth and legs were the only necessary elements.

Anyhow, when I completed this little chibi-heart pet, I thought, ‘Wow.’

As a six year old kid, happily drawing on the back of scrap paper and inventing entire societies of love-heart people, I could never have imagined where that would lead. I always wanted to be an artist, but to even think that one day I might be creating a derivative of those first simple characters to sell in an online virtual user-led environment to people all over the world would just have been unfathomable. Kinda makes me wonder where things will be in another twenty year’s time… and whether I will still be creating love-heart characters to make myself smile.

You can pick up your own chibi-heart pet in Second Life now at the mainstore! Go ahead… give someone a heart and brighten up their day.

Oh, and please ignore any errors with the site right now – I’m just doing a bit of an update, and a few things have gone a little wonky. I promise I will get them sorted as soon as I can!