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Hi Mum!

So this may well be the first time that my mother has sat down and read through some of my blog. If she decides to go through post by post, she’s going to be reading for quite a while. When this post is finished, it will be number 347! That, to me at least, is a lot of posts!

Oh, and don’t worry, Mum… Jenny is just pretending to be sour. She isn’t really.

That got me to thinking – what is my mother going to think? What is she going to be faced with, assuming that she has at least a brief look through all 347 posts?

Flies. She’s going to be faced with flies. And faces. And owls, and rats, and most definitely bunnies, too. There will be dandelions, daydreams, and random musings on characters which have only really ever existed in my head and on the piece of paper scanned in for that particular post. She’ll even be faced, on more than a couple of occasions, with Jenny. Honestly, I think she’s going to come to the conclusion that I am quite random indeed!

Does your mum read your blog?