[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch: Look! It is a panda! I drew it specially for Andel Rhiadra of A.D.D Andel.” size=”large” id=”2150″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer”]

So here is a quick panda I drew for a friend of mine, Andel Rhiadra! I asked her what I should draw today; I am not surprised that ‘panda’ was the answer. She is obsessed. I think if she could have a pet panda, it wouldn’t take long until she stole one from the zoo and set it up with some bamboo in the guest room, with much fawning and petting. I’m not even sure if a panda would let its kidnapper pet it… but… I’m sure she’d try!

Today, alas, is more studio/house cleaning, along with much-needed work on my site. I know that nothing can be seen of it yet, but things are a’changin’! So far though, it has been upgrading and updating all the back-end stuff before getting to the fun things. No point in painting a house all pretty if it is going to fall down in the next gust of wind, right? Right.

One of the things that I’ve updated which will have an immediate effect on those visiting the site is that I have installed a captcha device on comments. I know it is a pain, but my spam filters are getting hundreds of comments trapped in them per day… and it is just way too much effort to try and go through them all to sort out if any are legitimate comments. I know it is an extra half-step, but I hope it doesn’t bother you too much.

If someone could post a legitimate comment to test it out, that would be awesome. If it continues to deter spam postings, perhaps I can turn off the need to manually approve comments altogether! Yay!