[image title=”Sanu in Second Life: Hearts are just adorably cute. They’re even cuter when you pair them with a hairbow!” size=”large” id=”2159″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

The Albero Gatcha Festival has just launched its second half, and once again there are a bevy of awesome designers from Artilleri to fri.day stuffing prizes into gatchas for your enjoyment. These cute heart hairbows and heart flats are brand new fro Sanu and are currently only at the festival!

[image title=”Sanu Stuff: Pretty little hearts sit on pretty little flats.” size=”large” id=”2160″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

Some of the other items I have up you’ve already seen: there are the love letters and poems, as well as the chibi-heart pets. Since the hairbows and flats were specifically designed to match these other items, I just thought it right to set them all up together. Now you can be coordinated from top to toe!

For those who aren’t sure what a gatcha (otherwise known as gacha, gachapon or gashapon) is, it really isn’t all that mystical. You remember those little machines that were around when you were a kid? The kind you stuck 20c (or a quarter, I am assuming, for the American among us) into, and turned the crank to receive a gumball or a toy or something? Well, a gacha is pretty much that, though the term is most often associated with the high-quality capsule toys of Japan, for which the term was originally coined.

Gatchas have become rather popular on Second Life – and why wouldn’t they? They’re fun, largely affordable (although I have seen some that go as high as L$1000 a go! Eep!), and the prizes are great to collect. There’s an element of fun and surprise, not to mention that they make excellent gifts when you get more than one of the same kind.

Anyhow, you can get these great items and many more at the Albero Gatcha Festival from June 28th though to August 14th. Go! Quick! Check it out!