[image title=”Sanu in Second Life: Every so often, you just need to remodel to shake things up a bit. This is the set-up for Autumn 2010.” size=”large” id=”2189″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

I have been busy. Busy busy busy. The past few weeks have been particularly hectic, especially considering that I finally had my knee surgery. I would love to go into detail about what I really think about the whole knee-operation thing, but I think I’d bore everyone to death! In short, if something I was meant to do for you has been slightly delayed, my sincere apologies – I’ve been a little laid up. I’ll be getting to work on some of those things this week.

Now for the important thing… after a bit of a hiatus from Second Life, I’m back and rearing to go! I love the Halloween season in Second Life – it is full of incredibly fun events, cute products and colourful costumes. It really is my favourite Second Life holiday. So, to get into the swing of things, I’ve got the storefront all decorated up for the season.

Although I’ve just put one little picture of the set-up with this post, you can see a more comprehensive set of photos here on Flickr, or you can  visit Sanu to check it out in person.