[image title=”Kat Johnston Sketch – Alpacas are cute… and cuddley… and somewhat skittish. You’ve gotta love an alpaca!” size=”large” id=”2198″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

Urgh! I’ve been trying to upload this picture for over a week, but my uploader was not working properly. Luckily, I’ve gotten it to work right again!

My in-laws have alpacas. They’re sweet, they’re adorable, and they look so cute covered in fluffy fluffy wool. I’m even getting some of the fleece from the recent shearing to try my hand at felt-making. Won’t that be fun?

I think alpacas are an under-appreciated animal, all in all. Ok, so it might just look like a small llama, but doesn’t that make it even more cute? After all, a toy dachshund is even cuter than a regular dachshund, a miniature pony has a greater ‘awww!’ value than a draft-horse, and for some reason, restaurants certainly have a way of making us pay greater amounts for tinier, over-presented servings of the same food.

Of all the camelids, I like the alpaca best.