[image title=”Kat Johnston – a quick scribble portrait in red today. I’m doing up something cool for the site, so this is all today!” size=”large” id=”2201″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

I’ve been working on something incredibly cute for the past day, so I’m going to put up this for now, and save the extra cuteness for later!

Here… let me give you a hint. It involves a legendary mythical creature, cuteness, scissors and something I’ve already shown at least once on the site.

Buuuut for today… just a little red scribble-portrait. As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy playing with different pens and things – a scribble portrait in a traditional ball-point pen is always going to have a different feel from something done in a bright red ink pen. I find it incredible just how much the medium can affect the outcome.

That’s all for today – there’s cute stuff on the horizon!