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Extend a Helping Hand is an event I created in the virtual world of Second Life to raise money for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, to assist those who have been affected by the massive flooding which has swept across Queensland, Australia.

When I started organizing this event, it was close to my heart because my own home-town was flooded. At this stage, it is even closer: my own city is flooding. The riverbank has already broken in some areas, and the river has not yet peaked. Many suburbs are being evacuated as areas of the city go under, and 75% of the state has been declared a disaster zone.

The flood-waters have had an extensive reach, covering an area greater than Germany and France combined. The death-toll is rising and areas are being inundated with water at an alarming rate.

Please dig deep into your pockets for this event. Dozens of creators have banded together to produce beautiful items which donate either partial or full proceeds to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, which is the charity set up to assist the victims of this flooding. There are also donation booths dotted around the grid (just scroll down for an updated list of participants and donation points).

And here’s your trusty SLurl for the event.