Brisbane, my home-town, is flooding. The waters are still rising, and there’s rescue-crews all over trying to make sure that everyone survives this safely. In case you haven’t checked out the other coverage on the floods here, 75% of Queensland has now been declared a disaster zone. I’m just writing this post quickly because the telephone lines here seem to be wavering a touch, so if I happen to disappear from Second Life for a little while, please don’t be alarmed. If you need something immediately, please contact Andel Rhiadra if she is on, and she will pass on all your messages when I am online again. I am on high-ground and I am not in one of the flood warning areas of the city – my home should not be flooded, so please don’t worry.

Here again is your list of resources for Extend a Helping Hand:

If you need an info pack, there is one for sale at my mainstore, Sanu, in a white box by the front area. If I can stay connected to phone and power, I will do my best to sort out everything I’ve got sitting there waiting for my attention. If I don’t reply to you in a timely manner, please contact Andel Rhiadra with any issues that may arise and she will help you if she can.

Warmest regards to everyone, both in the flood affected areas and those who have loved ones in those areas.