[image title=”Extend a Helping Hand: Raising funds for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.” size=”large” id=”2362″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

Extend a Helping Hand is going brilliantly: as I write this, we’ve already made a little over US$1500 at the event in Second Life to be contributed towards the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

When I first started planning for this event, I didn’t expect for it to kick off so well. I also didn’t expect that on the day the market would open, my own city would be experiencing flooding as well. It’s been quite a ride. Anyhow, what I’m leading to is this:

  • The Extend a Helping Hand Market has been extended to the 8th of February. In light of the incredible damage caused by the flooding even since I started organizing this event, I feel that the extra time we can have raising funds can only help.
  • If you would still like to get involved as a vendor, please pick up an info-pack from the Sanu mainstore – it is located in a white box by the front area, with all the other Extend a Helping Hand items. I will still be accepting applications until the 18th of January, and a limited number of applicants will be given space to set up some donation items at the Event Hall for the 25th. Please understand that because of prim limitations, space concerns and event manageability, not all applications will be accepted. You are always welcome to show your support by donating through one of the provided donation booths, or directly through the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal website.
  • All vendors who have put applications in will be contacted by the 20th at the latest regarding whether they have been accepted for a second-round place at the event hall. If you have not been contacted by the 20th, please IM either Sanura Sakai or Andel Rhiadra to confirm.
  • If you would like an event application to hold an associated fund-raiser where proceeds will be put towards EaHH, please contact our Entertainment Manager, December Larkham, for an application form.
  • Vendors requiring build permissions when ready to set up should IM our Venue Manager, Andel Rhiadra, or myself if Andel is unavailable.

I am fairly sure that is everything for now, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Andel Rhiadra (venue manager), December Larkham (event manager) or myself as needed. Keep up the good work, everybody!