[image title=”Rise: A song by Soar about the floods here in Queensland, Australia.” size=”thumbnail” id=”2412″ align=”right” linkto=”viewer” ]Second Life is an incredible place. It really is.

One moment you have a little idea, and the next, it shoots off in such a way that you just have to sit and shake your head a little in awe of the incredible power of collective creativity that draws people together here. For those who don’t understand or really ‘get’ Second Life, I know that it is something amazing to behold; even if you ‘get’ it, it still has the ability to take you aback.

Soar is a band which performs in Second Life, and they’ve gotten solidly behind Extend a Helping Hand. This morning, Mariposa Upshaw, manager of Soar dropped a link on me to listen to a song the band had written about the floods up here: Rise, which had also just been announced on Bright Oh’s blog. The song will be played at their performances benefiting the event, including the Australia Day concert which will be absolutely brimming with quality live performances.

Soar is an Australian band, comprising of Charles Somerset, Bright Oh & Experiment Rhode. With a lovely folk feel, the song Rise is a song of hope, and of rebuilding and overcoming disaster with a good dose of Aussie spirit. Beyond being a great song to listen to though, it is also something else: it is a testament to how a virtual community can come together to make a difference.

Listen to Rise now, and check out Soar’s awesome music on their website.