[image title=”Are you ready for a full 48 hours of live entertainment to benefit the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal? I am!” size=”large” id=”2450″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

When I started arranging Extend a Helping Hand, I thought to myself, ‘Sheesh, I hope a couple of people say yes to me and get on board…’

I hardly could have thought that just a few weeks later, Extend a Helping Hand has raised in excess of US$4800, with still one of our biggest events on the horizon. I have been utterly blessed to have a great group of people around me jumping on board and turning Extend a Helping Hand into something beyond my wildest expectations.

Bundy Xue of B&B’s is one of the people who leaped at the chance to help out, by offering up their beautiful venue and expertise in musician co-ordination. Australia Day will be one to remember, as B&B’s sets the stage for back-to-back live music every hour of the day from 12:00am on the 26th of January right through to 11:59pm on the 27th. That’s 48 hours of incredible LIVE music!

Here’s the current line-up:

Wednesday 26th January

12AM – Prowess Rayna
1AM – Leeon Fang
2AM – Marky Helstein
3AM – OhMy Kidd
5AM – TerryLynn Melody
6AM – Mar Biddle
7AM – Clairede Dirval
8AM – Quinton Whitman
9AM – Russell Eponym
10AM – Gina Gracemount
11AM – Tommie Scorpio
12PM – Tim Anadyr
1PM – Cailidgh Spires
2PM – Sid Slade
3PM – Richie Woodland
4pm – Zed Essex
5pm – Surreel Skizm
6pm – Bowie Bravin
7pm – FacelessApe Mefusula
8pm – JavaJoe MacIntyre
9pm – JoeSatriani Feden
10pm – Senjata Witt
11pm – Spike Luckstone

Thursday 27th January

12am – RoseDrop Rusty
1am – TBA
2am – Floorboard Stradling
3am – Tpenta Vanlten
4am – TBA
5am – TBA
6am – TBA
7am – boney Mosely
8am – Hazideon Zarco
9am – MommaLuv Skytower
10am – Orangelife Holmer
11am РSioux  Nikolaidis
12pm – Ytzejam
1pm – REALLYMAD Morpork
2pm – LaidBack Celt
3pm – Geos Copperfield
4pm – Caoilte Skytower
5pm – KevinMThomas Carpool
6pm – Kitzie Lane
7pm – Gregg Huet
8pm – Charndon Kass
9pm – Breamer Lowtide
10pm – Artel Brando
11pm – Pippa Exonar

Are you as excited as I am? I can’t wait! There’s just a few days to go, and a final line-up will be posted soon. Mark the 26th and 27th on your calendars, everyone! See you at B&B’s!