[image title=”EaHH: A Jar full of hugs for an excellent cause.” size=”large” id=”2485″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

The pic features the ‘Jar Full of Hugs’ by A.D.D Andel and the ‘Deluxe Fairy Tale Gown’ by Deviance… because I just think it’s a great idea to have a picture with the post.

So anyhow… big news, everybody! Our efforts with Extend a Helping Hand has been featured in the news at both ninemsn.com.au and brisbanetimes.com.au (and a few other places, too, but the story is the same). Just click on either link to go to the stories, and have a little read.

As everyone knows, there is a lot that a story can’t cover, so let me get a couple of things out of the way right now: thank you to everyone who has taken a part in organizing or participating in Extend a Helping Hand. I know that the thank-yous are a little early, but I just want to make special mention of a few people while those articles are still fresh.

  • To Andel Rhiadra, a big thank-you for donating the event hall location, and for being right on board from the very first ‘I wonder if I should…’.
  • To December Larkham, who has been an excellent event manager and kept me sane.
  • To Mariposa Upshaw, for giving me the connections I needed to make music a big part of this fund-raising effort.
  • To Bundy Xue, without whom the Australia Day Flood Relief Benefit simply could not have occurred (her organizational ability is just stunning).
  • To Serenity Semple for being there when I’ve felt close to pulling my hair out.
  • To Iki Akiri for spending that tension-filled day of the 11th at the event hall with me, while our city was being flooded – until she had to be evacuated out!
  • To every vendor who has taken the time to put a product together to fund-raise for the cause.
  • To every musician, singer, artist, dj, event-holder and donation-point for dedicating your time, effort and locations to raising money.
  • To every blogger for promoting the event, and all others who have spread the word.
  • To every single person who has donated so far and will do so for the weeks to come: every single linden counts.
  • And most importantly, to my husband. Because he’s had to put up with me during all of this!

I’m sure I’ve left someone or something out. To write everything I actually need to write here would take up more space than any normal person would happily read, but I hope I’ve gotten the general idea across: thank you everyone for making this event great and getting us to where we are now.

We’re quickly approaching US$5000 raised for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal – let’s power forward in these last couple of weeks and blow that figure out of the water!

Oh, and quickly: go check out the article, Virtual world reaches out to flood victims!