[image title=”Sanu in SL: I’m feeling sick, but luckily there is an up-side… you get a free skin!” size=”large” id=”2526″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

I hate being sick. There’s just something about sniffling away with a throb in your head and a churning in your gut that says, ‘Oh God, please let this be over soon.’

That’s not all, either. I have to be the worst sick person to be around, if I’m at home. Oh, I’ll act all strong and tough it out if I’m at work or something similar, but get me home again and I turn into a pouty little so-and-so who wants chicken broth, snuggles and a huge side-order of pampering. Aloe-vera tissues for me please, and go heavy on the sympathy… especially if you happen to be the one who gave me the flu in the first place.

There is, however, a bit of an up-side to all of this. You see, I seem to have developed this pattern in Second Life: get sick, moan about it, then make something to share the feeling of sickliness with everyone else. I’ve done two sick day skins so far (the first two were given as group gifts, and one was subsequently put up for general sale), and the one in this picture is now officially the third. I call it, ‘Sick Again’.

In keeping with the sick-day skin tradition, this skin has been sent out to the Sanu groups and will be available there for free for the two weeks that it will remain in the notice archives and redelivery terminal.

Teleport to Sanu and click a group sign (there’s one for the subscription group and one for the system group) to join, and go through the archives to receive your gift.