And things finally draw to a close. The donation for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal was made today – I really should have done it yesterday, but considering I was struggling just to breathe correctly (yes, the flu was that brutal) I figured you’d all forgive me for waiting until I could walk without looking like a half-risen zombie with respiratory problems. Thankfully I feel much better today!

So, onto the story. I made the donation in person, because I was unable to do so online (bank-account limits and all that), so I headed on down to the Commonwealth.

[image title=”EaHH: At the Commonwealth, gearing up to make the transaction.” size=”large” id=”2529″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

I was greeted by Steph, who was my awesome teller of the day. She was also kind enough to let me take a couple of pictures while she was doing the transaction, since I didn’t appear to be casing the joint and explained how I’d be doing up a blog-post for the people who donated.

[image title=”EaHH: Sorting out the transaction details on the computer.” size=”large” id=”2530″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

She filled out the deposit slip and tippity-tapped at the computer, going, ‘Wow!’ at the amount. I explained how it had been raised, and she said that she was awed at how generous everyone had been with the appeal.

[image title=”EaHH: Checking the details – because you have to be sure when you’re depositing $8350!” size=”large” id=”2531″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

And here’s Steph again, checking my license to make sure that I am really who I said I am. After all, when you’re depositing a sum like that, you want to make sure that everything is 100% legit.

[image title=”EaHH: The moment we have all been waiting for. The reciepts!” size=”large” id=”2532″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

And the moment that we’ve all been waiting for: the receipts! Just click the picture to get a larger view.

I decided to round up, so the donated amount was AU$8350. In case you were curious (since the account number is partially blocked out) the full details for the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal are as follows (because you can still donate!):

Account Name: Premiers Disaster Relief Appeal
BSB: 064 013
Account number: 1000 6800
Bank: Commonwealth Bank

I will also send them away to get a proper tax receipt also, in case further proof is required by any of you to know that it did, in fact, get to where it needed to go. The tax receipt might take a little while though, as it is a paper mail-away process. I’ll just update this post to show it when it arrives.

Phew… we did it guys! Thank you again for your generous donations and contributions to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal by taking part in Extend a Helping Hand. It went far better than I could have possibly imagined, and it would not have been possible at all if it weren’t for all of you. Thank you.