My husband teases me about this. He really does. Every time I start on something like skins, or hair, or buildings, he’ll go, “Kat, you said that I should beat you if you ever start trying to make <insert item here>.” To which I resoundingly reply, “Shut up. Don’t tell me. I knowwwww!”

Skins are very much one of those things that I said I’d never do.

Luckily though, I often ignore what I’ve said earlier, and do it anyway. So here’s the new release!

[image title=”Sanu Miro Skin Pale – pretty and ethereal, the promo shot shows the jonquil make-up.” size=”large” id=”2539″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

There are four tones, to suit a range of avvies, starting with a nice pale shade.

[image title=”*Sanu Miro Skin Fair – this time it shows the Jacaranda make-up.” size=”large” id=”2540″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

There’s seven make-ups available in each tone – six can be picked up individually, but the seventh can only be obtained by purchasing the fatpack.

[image title=”Sanu Miro Skin Mid – I love this sign best of all… it shows off the orange blossom make-up.” size=”large” id=”2541″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

Each of the skins have four options to cover some of the basics – light brows for blonde and lighter hairs, dark brows for brunettes and darker, no cleavage for those that prefer a more natural look and cleavage for those who want a bit of lift. By having these options on the skin itself, you have the tattoo layer free for other things.

[image title=”Sanu Miro Skin Tan – Cherry blossom inspired this particular make-up.” size=”large” id=”2542″ align=”center” linkto=”viewer” ]

So yes. I’ve made skins again. Skins inspired by flowers and Spring-time and frolicking and fun. I’ve even released the shape in-store as well, so that you can get the exact look in the signs with the addition of some hair from, eyes by Poetic Color, and outfit by Evie’s Closet.

Teleport to Sanu to try out a demo today!