• This post is a little bit late – I did release these two days ago! Buuuut I was having a few computer issues, so I didn’t get to it as quickly as I could have.

    My latest item in SL: mochi!

    Ok, for anyone who hasn’t tasted mochi… you’re missing out. Mochi is a delicious little sweet snack-food, straight from Japan. It is a ‘glutinous rice ball’, which may sound a little weird to begin with, but it’s actually incredibly tasty. The texture is dense, with a similar chewiness to marshmallows. My favourite flavour is taro, I think – but I love a lot of the flavours available… there’s even ones stuffed with red bean paste!

    Mmmm, yum!

    So yes, I had to make mochi for SL – and you can pick them up today! They’re stuffed into a random vendor, so collect all eight!

    You can get the mochi here, at my new store location.