It totally slipped my mind to announce the pretzel sticks here on my blog… so first things first:

  • Sanu in SL: Pretzel sticks are tasty as! You can't just stop at one.
  • I’m going to Japan in just a couple of weeks, and one of the things that I’m going to be looking forward to is pocky – a type of dipped pretzel/biscuit stick that comes in a multitude of fun flavours. Did you know that you can even get special flavoured pocky depending on what region of Japan you are in? For example, in Nagano there is grape pocky, and in Hokkaido you can get yubari melon flavour. You can read more about them on Wiki.

    And now for my latest release: lipsticks!

  • Sanu in SL: Lipstick you can carry anywhere... and that delivers a delicious kiss on a click!
  • These lovely lippies hang on a cute little string around your neck… and the even better thing is that anyone who clicks it will get a wonderful little kiss on the cheek. Cute, huh?

    Annnnnd I couldn’t just stop at one set of shades…

  • Sanu in SL: For the more conservative, these are the classic lipstick shades, rather than the fancy party colours!
  • So I made two sets. One for the vivid shades, and another for the classics. What can I say? I love these lipsticks so much I needed to do a huuuuuge range of colours to do them justice!

    You can get your own Sanu lippie necklace today – teleport to the mainstore now.