[image title=”Kat Johnston Painting: She’s getting mighty pretty now, ain’t she? She’s still in progress though…” size=”full” id=”2590″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

So my dear giraffe is a little further along, and I think she’s coming on nicely.

Needless to say though, the fear is starting to set in. You see, every time I do a painting, it is pretty much the same. I love the underpainting, then hate several of the in-between stages when things look as if they’ve been poorly cut and pasted together like a three year old with a magazine and a pair of dull safety scissors. Then it starts coming together again, and I like what I see. I go, ‘Ohh, this is starting to look good!’ and I can finally start seeing what I’ve been trying to achieve. That is an awesome time. A brilliant time. A whimsical, magical, fantastical time.

Until I have to pick up the paintbrush again.

Until I stop procrastinating and stop thinking, ‘Maybe I should just leave it there… it’s good enough, right?’

Because that is when the real nerves kick in. And that is where I am at. Well… I’m actually already a little bit into that stage, but we’ll ignore that.¬†Wish me luck, because the next time I post a picture of this darling lady, she will hopefully be done. Phew!