[image title=”Kat Johnston: The giraffe is a little further along… but not finished yet!” size=”full” id=”2595″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

She’s a little further along, but she’s not quite finished yet. I intend to do a bit of painting tomorrow – today I was busy on other things.

And for my Second Life friends – I’ve released a little something for the 4th of July! Ok, so I might be Australian, but who am I to ignore all of my American customers? I can’t do that. Besides, any excuse for a tasty digital treat is quite alright with me.

I’ve done something special with this one too. This special holiday popsicle comes in both regular and petite sizes, to satisfy my customers of every size!

[image title=”Sanu in SL: Candy corn popsicle for the 4th of July!” size=”large” id=”2596″ align=”center” linkto=”default” ]

Teleport to Sanu to to grab yours for just 1l. It’s in the blue and red gift box by the giant bunnies. Happy 4th of July, everybody!